41 Union Square (17th Street)
New York, NY 10003

Also available in
Hampton Bays, New York


Jacqueline Fish, LCSW, CASAC, CGP.  Psychotherapy can help when intense emotions threaten to overwhelm.

Insight oriented therapy with practical solutions.

Individuals and couples usually come to therapy when life is in chaos. Emotional pain is real. The first goal is to relieve suffering. Once there is some calm, together we can explore the genesis of the problem, gain insight, and a new awareness of options. Where there once seemed to be a wall, there can be a door.

Where there once was darkness, there can be light.

If you are feeling too mad, too bad, too sad, too anxious, or too fearful, it is a good time to take charge. Even intense emotions do not have to overwhelm. You can develop the capacity and willingness to have all your feelings without causing harm to yourself or anyone else.